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Sr. No.: 0229/04/2020 to Stop Plagiarism & Malpractices in Research Work

Code of Ethics to Stop Plagiarism & Malpractices in Research Work

Agrasen Mahavidyalaya has made it mandatory for all faculties and students, who are taking up research, major or minor, that there should be absolute sanctity in the work and no trace is malpractices ad plagiarism is allowed what so ever.

Hence it is the moral accountability of the institution to make the faculties and students awareness of their responsibility while doing any particular research and to maintain academic integrity. Institution is sincerely determined to stop plagiarism and malpractices. Hence it has established a mechanism as per the regulations and guidelines of the UGC (for Promotion of Academic integrity and prevention of Plagiarism in Higher education at every level).


  1. To establish institutional system through continuous training to ensure a responsible conduct during the research work, assignment, project work, dissertation and thesis, for the promotion of academic integrity and to refrain from the plagiarism.
  2. To create consistent awareness towards the fair conduct of research work, project work, thesis, assignment, dissertation, promotion of academic integrity- and prevention of misconduct like plagiarism in any kind of academic study among teachers, students and the researchers.
  3.  To inculcate a system in order to trace any kind of plagiarism and to set up a full-proof system to stop plagiarism and punish the faculty, student or any other employee of institution, who commits the unethical act of plagiarism

The Practices, which are acknowledged as plagiarism:

  1. Stopping any other researcher in obtaining free access to the reference materials ; i.e. cutting the pages of any particular article from the Library copy of any research journal.
  2. Quoting any substantial or whole section of any other person’s research paper, article, report, etc. as an assignment, even if that paper or other work is cited as a source in the bibliography or list of references (complete plagiarism). This also includes any article or essay traced on the internet.
  3. Theft of any other researcher’s notes as such.




  1. Not mentioning the author or other source for one or more sentences, phrases, code, arguments, thoughts or formulae included in research work, assignment, software, or other research material ( this is considered to be a substantial plagiarism);
  2. Obtaining or trying to obtain any particular kind of academic mileage by non-academic means such as threats or bribes.


6. Any kind of alteration or destruction caused in the research work of any other students.


Agrasen Mahavidyalaya Raipur is affiliated to Pt. Rvishankar Shukla University (RSU). The university has got a specific plagiarism check software “URKUND” in order to ensure that research documents such as dissertation, thesis, or any other publications or any other such documents are free of plagiarism at the time of submission to the concerned department. The institution has access to this system being affiliated to the RSU.

  1. Every supervisor will have to submit a certificate apparently indicating that the work done by the researcher under him/her is free from any kind of plagiarism.
  2. The undertaking will also include the fact that the document has been duly checked through a Plagiarism detection tool approved by the university.
  3. Every student submitting the dissertation, thesis, or any other research documents to the University will also submit the undertaking mentioning that the research document has been prepared by him or her and that the document is his/her original work and free of any kind of plagiarism as such.

Levels of Plagiarism

Plagiarism shall be quantified into following levels in ascending order of severity for the purpose of its definition, following the provision of RSU:

i. Level 0: Similarities and equality upto 10% - Minor similarities, no penalty

ii. Level 1: Similarities and equality more than 10% up to 40%

iii. Level 2: Similarities above 40% and up to 60%

 iv. Level 3: Similarities above 60%.

Penalties in case of plagiarism in academic and research publications

  1. Level 0: Similarities up to 10% - Minor similarities, no penalty.
  2. Level 1: Similarities above 10% to 40% i) Shall be asked to withdraw manuscript.
  3. Level 2: Similarities above 40% to 60%

i) The researcher will be asked to withdraw manuscript.

ii) will be denied a right to one annual increment.

iii) He/ She Shall not be allowed to be a supervisor to any new Master’s, M.Phil., Ph.D. Student/scholar for a period of at least two years.



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